Post surgery compression garments

For the perfects result of plastic surgery

compression garments LIPOELASTIC

LIPOELASTIC is a producer of compression garments for post-operative care and compression stockings for prevention of varicose veins. Its products are exported to 70 countries worldwide and belongs among the largest producers in the world.



post-surgery compression garments

LIPOELASTIC® post-surgery compression garments are designed for postoperative treatment following plastic-aesthetic procedures such as liposuction, mammoplasty, augmentation or reconstruction of breasts, abdominoplasty, facelifting, necklifting etc.

benefits of compression garments

Antibacterial & hypoallergenic effect

Defined ductility & elasticity

Takes moisture away from the body

Does not contain latex

Special texture massages scars

Compression garments pleasant to the touch

Eliminates the occurrence of odors

Flat seams

Wide assortment

Custom made orders

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