certification of materials

Top-quality materials, custom-made by producers in EU, are used for LIPOELASTIC® garments.

All materials are regularly tested at the Textile Testing Institute TZÚ in Brno – Czech Republic.

The key criteria, carefully monitored, are the parameters of longitudinal and cross-section compression of textiles. These tests are carried out in accordance with the methods of the company DuPont, a world-renowned producer of elastic fibers under the Lycra trademark.

These regular tests enable us to guarantee our partners the required compression of garments ranging from 20-30 mmHg.

The individual garment types are put on torsos simulating particular body parts and continuously tested using the measuring device MST MK IV from the Swiss producer Swisslastic AG.

Material certificates

High antibacterial activity – Silver Protect®

SILVER PROTECT® prevents the growth of bacteria on skin after surgery.

Before using LIPOELASTIC® garment with SILVER PROTECT®

After using LIPOELASTIC® garment with SILVER PROTECT®

Permeability of moisture evaporation

Top-most resistance according to CSN EN 31092 standard is between 2-3 m2Pa/W. LIPOELASTIC® material meets the ideal value 2,57 m2Pa/W

Conveyance and management of perspiration

The value of perspiration conveyance between 800 – 900 g/m2H is first-rate. The results of LIPOELASTIC® materials reach the value 815 g/m2H.

Moisture control

Tests results showed that the moisture control with LIPOELASTIC® material is 85%. This result provides the patient with the feeling of dryness during wear.

Certificates of quality assurance


This guarantees the absence of harmful substances in our garments, which are tested annually by the Trial Institute Hohenstein in Germany. This certificate is a guarantee of the quality and safety of our products. All garments are Latex-free.

ISO 13485:2016

LIPOELASTIC products are manufactured in a production facility which meets quality management requirements for ISO 13485.

CE – Declaration of conformity

LIPOELASTIC® products meet the requirements of the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC and the Government Regulation No. 336/2004 as amended. The LIPOELASTIC® products are authorized to use the CE mark.
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