LIPOELASTIC has been successfully producing post-surgery compression garments since 2002.

Our products are made from certified materials and meet all the requirements of compression therapy. We continuously develop new products based on feedback from physicians and patients. We would not be counted amongst the absolute topmost producers in this field world-wide without satisfied customers.

Compression therapy is one of the oldest postoperative methods in general; and most physicians use its benefits even now.

Compression garments minimize the occurrence of swelling, bruises and scars. Also, their positive effect on blood circulation has been proven. Moreover, compression reduces the risk of infection and pain.

Compression garments are important to shape contours and stabilize the implants after plastic surgery.

Compression garments in general speed up the healing process. If you do not use any garments, the convalescence may not only take much longer, but the result of the surgery may not be as you had expected it. In every phase of the convalescence process, the body reacts and looks differently.

That is the reason why LIPOELASTIC has developed this 2-step program for maximum healing efficiency and the best result of the surgery. We guarantee a speedy return to everyday activities without side effects (smooth and even skin after liposuction, no breast asymmetry etc.)

Your physician should assist you in choosing the right garments. In some cases he or she can refer you directly to the company LIPOELASTIC. It is all right, we will be happy to advise you. In order to provide you with a qualified answer, we will need to know some information about the surgery which you have undergone or which you are planning to undergo. We will be mostly interested in which part of your body will be treated and the size change.
Please, contact us on export@lipoelastic.com and we will inform you where you can buy our products in your country.
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